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Myself Gaurav Yadav (GY Editz) and So Guys Today’s Blog is fun. In this blog, you will teach Cloud Photo Editing, also with the help of PicsArt Application. With the help of the PicsArt application, you will be able to edit your photo in high quality. In today’s blog, I am going to share the tips of my few years of experience in editing using picsart.

This editing includes Hd wallpapers, images and some png such as model png and others. Whichever photo you edit, you can post all of them anywhere, such as Instagram app and other social media apps.

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I have uploaded the tutorial of this photo editing on my channel, you can see it by going there. My channel name is GY Editz. I have provided you the tutorial in this post also, you can also visit my channel from there.

So you can also learn from my YouTube channel how I edited this photo. I teach step by step Hindi in my YouTube channel.So, go quickly and watch its tutorials. if the video sounds good then like the video and subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon. so that you get my new video notification soon.

What is PicsArt ?

PicsArt is a platform where you can edit photos, that too in high quality. This platform is for both Android and iOS mobile users.
Further, this application gives you some of the popular tools, including Crop, Mask, Layer Editing, gives you a complete experience of Photoshop in Mobile.

Cloud photo editing
Cloud Photo Editing

How you can edit cloud photo editing on mobile.

You have to download all the stock materials first. I have provided the link for all of them below the image, you can download it from there.And you can download all the photos simultaneously in a zip file.

Erase Background

You can erase the background using the cutout tool of Picsart App. And you can erase the background with another app. The name of that app is background eraser. This app is for special background eraser.So you can erase the background from this also. You will find this app on PlayStore. You can download from there.

Background Placement

In PicsArt you can add your favorite background. And you have to keep the background on top of the model layer.
It is one of the most important parts because it was going to cover
your entire image and gives more vibes to your images.

Arrange and Adjustment of Png

First of all, you have to adjust the png properly. Where to set you where to set it.
Then you can change its color, temperature, exposure, contrast and other things.

Pro Tip: You should always use the Export tool instead of saving to save image in High Quality. Take a Quick look of our editing material, or Some editing samples.

How to Download Picsart Cloud Concept Background & Png on your smartphone?

Method 1:-

  1. Click the below Download button.
  2. Press and hold the PHOTO.
  3. After you will see some options, Click on the download image option from them.
  4. Now the files are automatic downloading.
  5. Now you can see the automatically Download a notification on your Notification bar.

Method 2:-
You can simply download the image from the download button mention down below.

Hopefully, You love this article, and We believe you have successfully edited your image. Thanks for being with us. We like to know about your experience. If any Query, Share with us your valuable opinion and feedback in the comment section down below.

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